A Long Hill to Climb – my blog post on Expat Focus

I am delighted to be blogging at the expat website Expat Focus. This month, I decided to write about the coming months and what I know I have to get through before we’re settled into our new life in South Africa. Read it here and please let me know what you think – do you agree it’s usually at least a year from your first preparations  until the day you can finally say you feel settled in your new home? Or if you’re not an expat and have never been an expat reading this, does it surprise you how long it can take for someone to feel happy when they move abroad? Are we all just a load of moaning minnies? Or has this opened your eyes a bit?



11 thoughts on “A Long Hill to Climb – my blog post on Expat Focus

  1. I’m not sure if it actually takes a year for me. I think it did in the past, but I hate so much wasting time and not being able to enjoy yourself due to some unimportant everyday things that I really rush myself into feeling settled. I tried to arrange a lot of things before even arriving to the destination, having all the addresses and info in hand when you arrive saves you time. And after all the admin things are settled I just let myself sink in and relax in my new home, because anything temporary can quickly become constant, and it is our home, at least for the moment being 🙂


  2. Hi. I have been in your boat! Yes, we have only done three expat moves in the last 20 odd years. But we have moved 12 times in all! And I can assure you that if you move in a country as large as mine, India, you may as well be moving countries! Every nook and corner is different – language, food, local culture, festivals, beliefs … The good and the otherwise!

    But what I have really learned is to compromise. This is NOT home. Things are different. And that is not going to change, ever, no matter how much we moan and crave the familiar. So we may as well enjoy the differences! The only fix in our lives is we are vegetarians. All the rest is subject to what the new place offers us! And we have enjoyed all the ups and downs …

    Time to put in blog posts about all that, I guess! Thank you for motivating me to dig my archives of old notes … I will get onto it soon!


    • Sounds like some great blogs coming up! I will look out for one about vegetarian meals in SA as I have a friend who has moved out there with his family – he and his children are vegetarians so I am sure they would be grateful for any tips for places to eat! It did seem like possibly the most meat-loving place I have ever visited 😉

      Interesting what you say about India though. It is something I have been reflecting on – that although my blog and book are aimed primarily at “expats” there is a lot of information and advice that could equally apply to someone simply moving within their own home country. Certainly things like making friends in your new place.


      • I don’t think I could really do a blog on veg food in South Africa! I agree it’s a meat lover’s paradise! But I must say they make a great cheese tomato sandwich! And don’t laugh, but, having eaten that everywhere, you’d be surprised how many people can mess that one up!

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