Packing for Venezuela 2015… and $755 condoms

A few weeks ago I wrote about all the (sometimes unexpected) things you might take on an overseas move   Then I came across this EPIC post about all the things one international school teacher took on her posting to Venezuela. I thought this was a great example of why it is always worth looking into what you can and can’t get in the country you’re moving to -in good time to buy and pack it all before you go….

Teaching Wanderlust

You will be lucky to find these in Venezuela! photo cred You will be lucky to find these in Venezuela! photo cred 

Recently this article came out about the $755 condoms in Venezuela. While that number is large, the biggest news is that CONDOMS ARE HARD TO FIND. This makes me think of my annual packing list, which is especially important in Venezuela, where so many items are very difficult to find.

If you have been teaching abroad for a while you know that you should pack a professional wardrobe, whatever tools and books you can’t live without in your classroom, and whatever makes your apartment feel like home to you. When it comes to packing for Venezuela you need to consider packing several other items as well!

Remember, if you are lucky enough to find these items in Venezuela there is no such thing as brand loyalty. As I tell my students, “you get what you get, don’t have a…

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