So I have decided to join the photography 101 workshop for the month of March. Apologies in advance for some of the random pictures that may start appearing on my blog, but this is my attempt to try and improve the photos that I use here.

The first assignment was called ‘home’ which is fairly prosaic, knowing that I will soon be leaving my home and all the things I love about it. I have recently blogged about how I already know I will be homesick as soon as we leave – and some of the things I know I will miss. One of those things is the view from our kitchen window, my own window onto the world. But I’m not the only one watching out of this window, and my first photograph for the 101 workshop shows our own llittle version of someone who will forever represent this country watching and waving at the world outside.


10 thoughts on “Home

  1. Oh that is just the very best! Put quite a smile on my face. Must be BIG CHANGE charged energy in the air right now as this is the third website I have been to today where people are in the midst of leaving, arriving…including me. Nice to have connected with you here and look forward to your photos, becasue your first one is just the best!


  2. I have been thinking of doing the photography workshop sometime. I will look forward to seeing what you do it in! I love your picture of home and how you were able to capture the essence of your connection in one symbol…but in a very personal way.

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