Treasure: Photo101

Today’s task for the photo101 workshop is to photograph something you “treasure”. This wasn’t going to be easy – there were so many thing I could have chosen! As a typical traveller, I have collected little “treasures” from around the world all my life. Should it be the jar of shells from the Philippines? Or the beautiful carved wooden bowl from New Zealand? So many little treasures in the house, with their own tale to tell. And that was before I started considering the treasures the children had collected, which range from old pebbles to dusty conkers…

In the end though it was my youngest daughter who decided it for me. I found her playing with some of my jewellery, a couple of pretty necklaces I keep inside the little purple velvet pouch they originally came in. I don’t really wear jewellery, much to her dismay. However, I have held onto these pieces because they have a special place in my heart.

treasure collage with frame

I bought these two necklaces (and a third, wherever it’s gone) in Thailand in 2005. I was there on my own, I had flown all the way from Jamaica – where I lived at the time – to help out with the UK government’s post-tsunami asssistance. It was a pretty harrowing time, as I am sure you can imagine. I was working as a press officer but you’re never completely shielded from the awful human tragedy at a time like this.

But in the middle of it all, I discovered I was pregnant with my first daughter. To say I was shocked was an understatement. It wasn’t unplanned, but it was a lot quicker than we had been expecting! I certainly wouldn’t have volunteered to fly to the other side of the world had I thought for a moment I was carrying another little person.

So I have held onto these necklaces and whenever I take them out and look at them (and very occasionally wear them), I remember that strange period in my life when I was surrounded by the most horrible suffering but had discovered my own, very precious little treasure inside me.

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