Triumph! Photo101

I feel quite triumphant to have made it to the end of the four week long photo101 course. And one of the reasons I have often struggled to find the time to post that day’s picture has because I have been working hard on the Expat Partner’s Survival Guide – the book whuch gave birth to this blog. It’s nearly done, I am expecting a proof copy next week. Of course I have no idea yet how it will be received but I certainly feel proud that I have got this far. So, to mark the last day of the photo101 course – with the theme of “triumph” – I present a specially created collage of the book:

Book 4 collage

And that’s it folks – the end of the photo101 course. It’s been fun, I feel like I have learnt (quite) a lot and met some great new bloggers. I hope to continue exploring photography – but for now, I’m off to have a coffee!

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