This is England

So many people think of rain when they think of England. Well, this was yesterday – and the day before….and the day before that….and today in fact…..

EDITED TO SAY: I CAN’T BELIEVE I PUT THIS UP AND FORGOT TO MENTION THAT IT IS ST GEORGE’S DAY! ENGLAND’S NATIONAL DAY. For years we have been made to feel ashamed of being English because the right wing parties like the BNP high-jacked our emblems and national-pride was associated with racism. Now with the rise of Scottish, Welsh and even Cornish nationalism, I think there is a move back to claim England, the English flag and all that goes with it (including St George’s Day) as our own. We live in a multi-cultural, tolerant, open and democratic country and I am proud to be English.

pink blossom blue sky

4 thoughts on “This is England

    • I think it’s something that we haven’t really celebrated for years – but finally I do truely believe us English are saying wait, the Irish have St Patrick’s Day, the Welsh have St David’s day, the Scot have….err Burns night (? not sure if they really celebrate St Andrew’s Day!) – it’s time we celebrated our own day. I’ll make sure I find a dragon to slay next year 😉

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