Attention all Expats-To-Be: Road Testers Wanted for the Survival Guide!

Are you soon to move abroad? Are you a partner, or are you taking a partner with you? If so, I want you! I am looking for one of more volunteers to ROAD TEST the Expat Partner’s Survival Guide.


What I am looking for, ideally, is someone who fits all or some of the following criteria:

– either very soon to become an expat, or in the early stages of being an expat

– is not the one whose job has taken them abroad (eg they are accompanying someone else)

– is doing this for the first time

– is taking children

– is willing to follow the book and write updates about their journey, relating to the advice in the book, either on their own blog which I can then link to, or as a guest poster on my blog. This would include pictures although I am happy for it to be done anonymously if you would prefer. I wouldn’t specify how  often you need to report but would like each section of the book covered in one way or another.

Otherwise I am pretty open to who or what you are – whether you are a woman or a man, planning to work or not, whatever age you are. If you don’t have kids but would still like to take part then let me know too as all I ask is that you read the relevant chapters and relate it to what you see happening with other families.

In return, I will send you a free online copy of the Expat Partner’s Survival Guide and also be there throughout your journey with personal advice and recommendations.

If this is you, if you know anyone who might want to do this (and please share share share!) then let me know – either in the comments below or by emailing me

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8 thoughts on “Attention all Expats-To-Be: Road Testers Wanted for the Survival Guide!

  1. I’ve bought the book (kindle version) already and am part way through reading it, as we’re soon to move from the UK to NZ (in September). We’re not going because of a job, just off our own backs. We don’t have kids coming with us. But apart from those two points, I suspect the rest of the book will be very useful to us. I’ll likely be blogging about it as we go and was imagining some ping backs to your blog post about the book in among those, so watch out for them 🙂

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  2. Hi Clara
    I am trailing my spouse to New York from Australia in mid July this year! I started a blog a few days ago and am really completely clueless about what I’m doing at this stage but am having fun doing it!
    I have 2 children, this will be our first time living overseas and quite frankly I’m an even mix of petrified and excited.
    I am interested in your book and being a guinea pig for you.
    Let me know what you think.

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    • Perfect! Thank you so much. I have just followed your blog (and will be having a good nose through, I see you also had a post about telling your kids, not sure if you saw mine…) but can’t find a way to contact you. If you want to email me at I will send you a copy of the book and we can discuss how this will work. Thank you so much for volunteering – I look forward to working with you!


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