Show your world: The Beautiful Florida Keys

We’ve just returned from two weeks in Florida and I’m still suffering the affect of jet-lag (so apologies for any mistakes in this post – my brain and my fingers aren’t joining too well at the moment). It was a wonderful, fun-filled week in the theme parks followed by a slowed-down relaxing few days by the water on Key Islamorada. Just the perfect anecdote to all that roller-coastering and non-stop walking in the blistering heat. I can’t recommend Islamorada highly enough, it really was a beautiful, calming and suprisingly un-commercialised place.

La Jolla beach motel, Key Islamorada

La Jolla beach motel, Key Islamorada

We stayed in a small, up-dated 1950’s motel called La Jolla right on the water front and from the moment we got there we were entranced by the wildlife in and around the sea surrounding the site. Nurse sharks, sting ray, flocks of parrot fish, jacks, groupers, snapper and many, many more types of fish swam around in front of the dock where we would sit swinging our feet out over the crystal clear water. Pelicans. seagulls and other birds came by for a visit, while in the trees above huge iguanas slept peacefully in the warm sun.


But best of all, in the early misty light of the day, coffee in hand, we watched first manatees and later dolphins swim gracefully past our front door. The motel had kayaks free for guest use so once we knew roughly what time these beautiful creatures were due to visit we lay in wait, then grabbed a paddle at the first tell-tale sight of either theย  bubbles emerging from the lolloping manatees or the distinctive blowing sound and v-shaped ripples of the dolphins. To kayak alongside these animals as they swam playfully past, below and away from us was a magical privilige.

Kayaking, La Jolla resort. Key Islamorada. Florida

Kayaking, La Jolla resort. Key Islamorada. Florida

Another highight of our stay were the evening sunsets – truely magnificent, whether at the end of a clear, blue day or on a moodier evening, when the dark clouds backdropped against the blood-red sky. The morning light, too, was breathtaking and even on one of those cloudy days the slate grey of the sky reflected in the water gave an eerie, other-worldy quality to the scene.

DSCF1856 DSCF1953 DSCF1971 DSCF1959


As well as swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, sun-bathing, relaxing, beer-drinking and sunset-watching, we did manage a few trips during our stay in the keys – including right down to Mile 0 at Key West and on our last day, a memorable trip to the Everglades. But I think I’ll save those for another post!

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30 thoughts on “Show your world: The Beautiful Florida Keys

  1. I love the keys! So many memories of childhood family vacations there. There’s no place I’ve been to that’s quite like key west, and the others are beautiful as well, especially the snorkeling and the sunsets.

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  3. I’m so impressed to hear about all that wildlife so easily spotted, it sounds magical and those sunsets are spectacular too. I’m one of those rare people who can’t stand theme parks especially anything to do with Disney (my poor kids!) so Orlando is like a total horror nightmare holiday for me but this on the other hand sounds perfection encapsulated!

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    • We always like to recover from the theme parks with a week on the coast. My eldest daughter has just got into rollercoasters in a BIG way though so I suspect we have a few theme park years ahead of us yet (although we have managed to avoid Disney for the past few visits….)


  4. Wow, wow, wow. It looks absolutely stunning. I’ve been to Florida but only to the theme parks, so when I go back with Monkey, I am determined to have some R&R in Florida Keys. In fact it’s on my USA bucket list – so it’s been great reading all about your trip. Although I am a little jealous! Thanks for linking up with #MondayEscapes

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