Tea, Worcester Sauce, Baked Beans…what do you take?

As we prepare for our move to South Africa, I have been thinking about what to take with us. What little thing from home that I won’t be able to find in Pretoria will make life in the early days (or, in fact, in all days) just that little bit easier? As I shopped this morning I found the perfect answer:


I posted a picture on Facebook, and everyone agreed this was the one thing they always packed when they moved abroad.

We’re just so British!

But I know it’s not just us Brits –  every nationality has something they miss from home. I have been reading a thread this week on the Grumpy Expat forum about smores (some sort of combination of crackers, marshmallow and chocolate I understand).  And, as I have a British friend about to move to Texas, what do those of you who live in the States take in particular? I look forward to reading your answers!

15 thoughts on “Tea, Worcester Sauce, Baked Beans…what do you take?

  1. Too funny as I was just looking at my blueberry flavoured tea here in Canada and thinking that I have to take some with me to Egypt. I probably will and then I will discover that it can be found everywhere in Cairo! You just never know until you get there sometimes. At least, we will both have our tea!

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  2. Oh, s’mores! Graham crackers, Hersheys chocolate & melted marshmallow… one of my favourite memories of the USA. My daughter and I miss skyr, an Icelandic yogurt. The Danes have tried making it and selling it here and it just isn’t the same. I also miss dark rye bread, which is not the same stuff you get here.

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  3. My favorite cookie mix, Good Seasons Italian Seasoning, Jif Peanut Butter, Duncan Hines Cake Mix. I do find each year that the list gets smaller as we grow accustomed to the local brands.

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