Do you write about expat life? Travel? Writing and publishing? I need YOU!

In just over one month’s time the summer holidays will be here.


The summer holidays! How did that happen? It was just Christmas….And what that means to me isn’t just freerange kids being constantly under my feet, it also means we’ll be moving.


Between the third week in July and the third week in August, life is going to be a little hectic round here. And after that I don’t know quite what our internet service will be like (or how much electricity we will get. Load-shedding in South Africa being a bit of an issue at the moment. Luckily we have a generator).

So I am asking for a little help. Does anyone fancy writing a guest post for me? I am looking for anything relevant to my blog – to do with expat life, travel, travelling with children, or about writing and publishing. You could fit a post into one of my regular series (People Who Live in Small Places, Memorable Journey’s, Review Wednesday or Interesting Expat) ot just write about anything that takes your fancy.

Let me know if you can help – either leave a message in the comments or send me an email:


29 thoughts on “Do you write about expat life? Travel? Writing and publishing? I need YOU!

  1. Hi Clara! Sorry this is a much delayed response. Have had a visitor, end of school year (just finished Thurs) and getting ready to head home to the US for the summer. Would love to help if I can assuming you still need posts (I see a ton of responses above)! Just let me know!

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