Moving day sucks!

Just keep swimming….just keep swimming…

Those of you who know the excellent film Finding Nemo will recognise this quote, but I was reminded of it by fellow expat Eline from the blog Pasta and Patchwork who is also mid-move at the moment. Exchanging tweets about what stage we were at and how stressful it all becomes, this was her excellent advice. Indeed, when you feel like you will drown if you don’t keep kicking forwards, this really does sum up how I am feeling at the moment.

The moving company turned up on Friday morning quarter of an hour earlier than the earliest time they said they would arrive. Our youngest was still at home, waiting for me to take her up to school. I was at least dressed – my husband was still running around in his pj’s doing all those last minute things that you always do leave until the very very last minute because there always seems something more important to do.

So we were all a-fluster from the start and anyone who has been through the nightmare of packing up a home and moving to the other side of the world will know how the rest of the day went.

There was

moving day2

and then there was

moving day 1

and finally there was


And along the way we found out that we couldn’t take ANY food with us at all so goodbye all our herbs and spices, as well as my baking beans which aren’t beans at all but ceramic balls – yet still didn’t make the cut because they are called beans. And that enormous box of Yourkshire tea bags I bought to keep me going? Not allowed. And the pillows that we were going to throw away got packed but the bedside cabinet that we wanted to take didn’t. We found strange bits and pieces all over the house that somehow got left out like two coasters and the dustpan and brush. And in the end there just wasn’t room for our Dyson cleaner (probably thanks to the pillows) so that’s another thing we’ll have to buy when we arrive at the other end.

Still. Basically we are there now and we’ve left our house and started saying goodbye to friends. We’ve moved into a holiday rental just around the corner from our house for a week, while our place is decorated. Gradually we are all letting go and by the end of the week, when we move on to my parents’ house, I think we will feel ready to leave.

It’s a relief to be past the worst of it. The last few weeks, and last week in particular, has been stressful. But by doing it in small chunks, dividing tasks up and not becoming overwhelmed, and, of course, by just keeping swimming, we’re nearly there.

To all you others out there going through the same thing – good luck!

28 thoughts on “Moving day sucks!

  1. Well done Clara, and I am sure you will find Yorkshire tea bags here anyway! I will look for you in the big SuperSpar that seems to cater for all expat needs next time I am there! Hope all the goodbyes are not too painful.

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  2. All the best with the move. We’re around 3-weeks behind you. We have exchanged contracts on our house sale and move out the 6th August (I’m looking forward to seeing a 40ft container parked outside our house). We’ll be homeless for 2 weeks staying with friends and family before we fly to NZ. Flights are now booked, so we’re working backwards from there with everything else on our lists. ‘See’ you on the other side.

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  3. since we stayed here in SG, we only moved once but it was hard for the two of us. We cant hire movers because it would be a waste of money since we don’t have much things so we moved everything without any help from others, still tidious! After what we’ve been through, we make sure we dont buy much things just in case we move again.. I am not sure what will happen next year though. Good luck on on your move!

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  4. Good luck with the move!!! I know how that is… it takes you a quick few days to pack (or not) but then the unpacking is the most fun part! ugh… where to put this or that? how come I brought this? why did I not bring it? 🙂 But, it’ll be fine in the end. Safe travels!

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  5. Good luck with everything! I’m so tired of moving… and yet I know we will move again next year (our rental is only 2 years as the owners are also expats). I suppose in a way it becomes easier and easier with each time, but I definitely could do without!

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  6. Sounds like a complete zoo! Multiple moves definitely makes me think of paring down to a minimal amount of ‘things’, though that is so much harder when your children are young. Good luck with the move and the interim chaos. Hope it goes well!

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