There’s a new place for expats to chat…..

The eagle eyes amongst you may have noticed a new logo appearing on the side bar of my blog. But in case you missed it here it is:

ExpatChat Logo 3

This is a new venture set up by the wonderful Your Expat Child website – which I know many of you use and I would encourage you to use as it is chock full of excellent information for living abroad with your child. I think Carole, who runs the site, recognised how much expertise there was amongst her readers and thought it would be a great idea to pool that expertise in one place. Hence the idea for a forum was born – where you can chat, ask questions, answer other people’s questions and generally feel that you are not alone in your new weird and wonderful expat life.

The forum is very new so it’s a little echoey at the moment. However, the more people who join the more useful it will become so I urge you to hop on over and sign up. And please share in expat groups and with others who you think would be interested. Hopefully I will see you there!

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