Pretoria: Jacaranda City

Pretoria doesn’t feature on many “most beautiful city” lists. But that’s probably because not that many of the people that make the lists bother to come here – after all, it’s not known as a travel destination. However, I want you to have a look at my pictures and tell me – do you think this is a beautiful place? #nofilter





4 thoughts on “Pretoria: Jacaranda City

  1. Hi Clara, this photos are beautiful! I have just arrived in Nairobi (still trying to settle in!) and I have fallen in love with these trees. Yesterday I was still wondering how these trees were called, finally somebody told me through instagram. At the moment iIt’s like walking on huge carpets of fallen leaves everywhere in Nairobi. So lovely! I am afrait that with the short rains comming, the leaves will quickly disappear. Do you know if these trees are in bloom only during this periode of the year (Autumn in the northern part)?


  2. Wow – stunning! There are a lot of Jacarandas around the Northern New South Wales (middle East Coast of Australia) and they always take my breath away. Pretoria is probably a similar climate. So glad that you took a few minutes to enjoy it. x


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