The Cape Town posts #4: The final one

So finally I have reached the end of my Cape Town photos! I had so many I didn’t want to jam them all in to one post. Or two, or even three…. But this is the last one, I promise you! And in good time too as it won’t be long before we’re off again on another adventure….

Today’s post will be a bit of a mish-mash – just those leftover pictures that I couldn’t fit in anywhere else, but that help tell the story of our trip. Like this one for example:


This picture was taken in Camps Bay, a magificent stretch of beach, backed by the glorious mountains and lapped by the clearest blue icy sea. It was a gorgeous place and the children paddled, ran, climbed, and rock-pooled with glee while I snapped this picture of a cute mummy goose and her goslings. I just thought it was funny that the geese were swimming in salt water. Is that normal? I don’t think so!

And just to prove how beautiful Camps Bay was, here are three more pictures from the beach:


Another place we enjoyed visiting was Hout Bay, a fishing town round the corner somewhere from central Cape Town (I never did really get my bearings while we were there). We had been told that the best fish and chip shop in South Africa was in Hout Bay – a rough-and-ready place called Snoekies, where you imagined the fish was bought straight in off the boats. The fish certainly was good – as were the chips. But sorry, it still wasn’t as good as our fish and chip shops back home. And what is it with the ketchup here – next time, I’m bringing my own bottle of Heinz!

Close to Snoekies we had a walk along the pier, where my youngest daughter was absolutely delighted to be able to feed this seal by hand:


We saw a lot of seals while we were in Cape Town and Hermanus, but this one was certainly the friendliest. I think the seagull in the photo is hoping for a bit of the action as well πŸ™‚

As well as feeding the seals, we also watched the fishing boats being unloaded. It was great to see a genuine, working fishing trade still in full-action – and although obviously knackered from what was probably either a very early start or a long day at sea, all the fishermen and women working on the pier was as happy and cheery as could be:



While I live here in South Africa, I am always on tbe look out for fun things to photograph, including signs to make you smile. Here are a couple I took on this trip:

And finally, just because you can never have too many penguins:

DSC_0485To read my other Cape Town posts please go to Kirstenbosh Botanical Gardens, Penguins and Whales, and Table Mountain.


9 thoughts on “The Cape Town posts #4: The final one

  1. funny to see you go through the same process as I did years back. Had to make several posts for Cape Town as there was just too much for one. Did you make it to Robben Island by the way? That was a whole separate post for me as well. Love the penguin picture!


  2. Oh I love that penguin sign! Brilliant!! South Africa looks such a stunning country and one I so want to visit. There’s just so much to see and do and the time difference is nothing. It’s certainly inching up my bucket list! Thanks for sharing on #MondayEscapes


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