Bloggers in Africa – we want you!

Are you a blogger? Do you live in Africa? Then please join a brand-new link-up starting later this month.

From Angola to Zimbabwe, Algeria to Zambia we want you writers and photographers from all over the continent to share a bit of your life with us. The idea for a link-up specifically for bloggers in Africa started when I began corresponding with Frances who runs the wonderful Africa Expat Wives Club – which, for those of you who don’t already know isn’t a club at all but a very insightful blog about life in Kenya. Looking for a way to better connect with other writers on the continent I suggested a blog link-up and the idea rolled from there.


This is my African world – but what’s yours?

The idea will be to link up on a monthly basis with ANY Africa-related post, whether it be funny, serious, political, photographic…even a poem or short story is welcome, in fact the only rules really are that the post mustn’t be offensive and we don’t accept posts that are pure advertising. A new post would be great, but if you don’t have something relevant written recently then an old post is good too.

The first link-up will be on Wednesday May 25th and we hope to continue monthly from there, alternating between this blog and the Africa Expat’s Wives Club. If you want to join in then all you need to do is leave your contact below – either email or twitter name, or email me directly at and we will remind you closer to the date!

25 thoughts on “Bloggers in Africa – we want you!

  1. Do you have to actually live in Africa now? I can blog about Africa with the best of them, but you know my story:-) Also, South Africa is already represented with you, so you may not want another one? If that all doesn’t matter, then I’m in, just let me know.

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    • No the more the merrier as far as I am concerned! This is all very experimental at this stage – we are just inviting open posts to start with but we may do themes later on so invite a post on politics, weather, wildlife, sport, food, family etc as time goes on. We may have 3 bloggers on the day, we may have 300 – who knows! I just hope the Interlinkz link-up works as it is my first time doing this…


      • Ok sounds good nap unjustness to post my post on that particular day, and link back to yours and expat wives? I too would like a reminder with instructions of possible:-)

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      • Instructions will be on the post, it should all be very easy (we are doing it through Inlinkz who takes care of the technical side). I am happy to send an email on the day 🙂 If you just put the link on my site it will link through to your post and anyone clicking on the badge on your site will be taken to mine. The following month it will be the same but with the other blog….

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      • Ok thanks! So I’ll just plan on having a story ready on the 25th, or the night before. Any word limit? I’m thinking probably not much oer 1,000?


  2. Hi Clara, this is a great idea! The thing is that my current blog (living in Kenya but also travelling around the world) is written in French so I am not sure it would be interesting or useful (?) You can e-mail me your opinion about it.

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