My expat depression article in the WSJ

Last week I had an article published in the Wall Street Journal about expat depression – and in particular about how it affects accompanying spouses. I was extremely grateful to the four women in the article, who agreed not only to be interviewed for the article about their struggle with depression but to do so openly, using their own names. Each of them did so with the hope of helping others in the same situation as there are or were in.

Ms. Pogir has lived in South Africa for eight years and due to family circumstances sees her time in the country as indefinite. This feeling of being trapped just adds to her sadness. She said she looks around and sees a wonderful house and garden, a good life—but said: “I feel my happiness is the price we have to pay for all of this.”

This is such an important subject and I am so happy that it is getting the attention it deserves by being featured on such a well-read media outlet. I have had lots of visits to this blog on the back of the article, as well as seen it shared over and over on Facebook with – so far – not a single negative comment (pretty rare these days, I have been finding!).

If you are affected by this issue then please read the article, look at my other blog posts on the subject, and get help if necessary (one of my posts gives details of some places you can start to look for this help). And if you know someone you think might be suffering from depression, consider sharing the post with them as a way to help them take the first step towards getting help.

This is too important a subject to ignore.

16 thoughts on “My expat depression article in the WSJ

  1. Congratulations on your WSJ recognition, your book and your successful blog. I am wondering if you can direct those of us who need it, to a similar resource for families who have moved ‘home?’ That is where our issues began! Thanks.

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    • Oh yes. Repatriation, the hidden side of Expat life. My series in expat depression does cover repatriation in one of the posts but I would also advice you to look up the I Am a Triangle Facebook site. Lots of people there who are struggling with repatriation, hopefully you will get some good advice.


  2. Just to let you know that your article is making its way across the Swedish expats Facebook groups and people are commenting on both how important it is to talk about life as an expat spouse but also sharing their own feelings! Amazingly valuable, I think.

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  3. I have been struggling with this depression for so long. I thought I was crazy, or alone. Thank you for shedding light on the fact that it is a fairly common issue that affects many. I need to show my husband this, because he seems to think I am just a miserable cow, who wants to spoil the fun!

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    • Oh goodness you are not a miserable cow at all – depression amongst expats is very real. I’ve heard from many people while researching this topic over the past couple of years, many, like you, who thought they were alone. I hope it helps you to realise you are not.


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