Brace yourselves Americans because the worst could be coming

Wherever you are in the world, next Wednesday morning is going to be an interesting one. Whether you stay up late or get up early, whether the results come in for you in your time zone at breakfast, lunch or dinner, we are all going to be be focused on one thing. And I can tell you from our experience of Brexit, it is not going to be pretty.

Above all else I hope with every core of my body that the worse doesn’t happen. And by that I mean of course the worst would be if women-hating, xenophobic, climate-change denying and quite fankly terrifying Trump is elected. I believe that would not only set the US back decades in social policy but would put the entire world at risk. But almost as bad would be a slim win for Clinton – because I don’t believe Trump and his rabble rousers will simply sit back and accept the result. And it could go on and on and on….


And while it rumbles on, the hatred being spewed out across the internet will get nastier and nastier and nastier. Because now this election isn’t just about he delegates, it isn’t just about the horrific campaign that has been run by Trump to villify Clinton or about some emails that Clinton didn’t handle too well. No, in a way they have become the side show. What it has become about is the horrendous, malicious abuse that this election (just like Brexit) seems to to have legitimised. While Stateside is is now apparently ok to call for a presidential candidate to be not just jailed but murdered, over in the UK internet trolls are calling for the rape and beheading of a woman (Gina Miller) simply for daring to ask the law to clarify how we leave the EU. And worse – then accusing our judiciary of being traitors for simply doing their job.

Where this will end I have no idea. I am frankly terrified. I have two children and they are coming of age in this climate. Social media is rampant – totally out of control, as is our so-called free press which at the moment appears to basically be running the country. If anyone can come up with a way to put the genie back in the bottle please let me know!

But in the meantime for all you Americans wondering how you will feel next week, I can only tell you to prepare yourselves mentally for the worst (and then hope it never happens). I wrote about how I felt after Brexit and I suspect many of you will go through something similar. It is like culture shock although for us Brits is is hard to move on in the cycle because we have no idea what is coming next.

I only hope that by going through the worst case scenario in your head you may be able to limit the damage to come extent. I honestly think Brexit was such a shock because we didn’t really expect it to happen. I know I did have some inkling it might because I was awake every night in the weeks leading up to the vote worrying about it. But I don’t think I had any idea quite how bad it would be – and that nearly five months on we still wouldn’t have a clue where we were headed.

So prepare for the worst and hope for the best. The next week is certainly going to be a roller coaster so make sure you have your seat belts securely fastened. I’ll see you on the other side!

Photo credits: Trump/Clinton – Ted Eytan

15 thoughts on “Brace yourselves Americans because the worst could be coming

  1. My fingers are crossed that the worst does not happen, but like you said, it’s unlikely that Trump will take a loss lying down and my fear is the riots that he will incite after the fact which will divide the country even more. What is this world coming to?

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  2. I liked your post! As a non-American and new(ish) arrival to America, I am completely transfixed by what is going on. God only knows what will happen after tomorrow. Back in Ireland and the Uk the people I speak with honestly think it is a joke and it can’t really be happening. I tell them it is indeed true!

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  3. It really has developed into a vote for the ‘least bad’ candidate unfortunately. Not a great advert for the USA at all. Like most sane people I thought Trump was a joke and would disappear months ago when his supporters saw what sort of guy he really but but its incredible to see that he has made it this far. Terrifying to think he may win too as i suspect it’s far closer than everyone believes. Fingers crossed the American people come to their senses in time.

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  4. The worst happened. I’ve accepted it. But, I am not complacent.

    It’s hard to do much while abroad, but there are still things I can do. I’m not a big marcher or protester. But I can donate, I can educate, and I can do my best to try to save my country. If it’s not too late.

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    • I agree – being so far from home is hard but I am also grateful because a) we get perspective and b) I feel cushioned from the worst of it. I also get to be outside in the sunshine a lot more than I would if I was home! But yes when you want to DO something it isn’t easy and your plan to donate. educate and I would add get political (I joined a political party for the first time in my life) is a good one.

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