Politics from afar

I have written a few times about politics and how it feels to be so far from home when so much is going on. I have never felt like this before – I have lived abroad during several general elections and although have followed with interest, I have never before felt so hopeless about not being able to do anything to aid the cause.

This time is different because I do feel like we, the people, have been abandoned by our politicians and it is being left up to grassroots campaigners to make a real difference. And yes when I say “the people” I do mean ALL the people – not just the 48%. Well, all but a tiny percentage of our population who will be the ones getting rich from all of this.

But here I sit a very long way from Brexit Britain and in all honesty I feel a bit useless. In just over a week’s time there will be what is planned as the biggest march possibly in the UK’s history against Brexit and my facebook timeline is full of it. I have been asked if I am going but I can’t – the round trip would cost me more than £1,000 and be very difficult for the rest of the family in terms of child (and dog) care. I do know some of my friends who travelled to the US (one from here, one from Sweden) for the Women’s March on Washington after Trump’s election and i take off my (pink) hat to them. Sadly it just isn’t possible for me to emulate their lead.

So instead I have to think of other ways I – and others in a similar position – can get involved. And so I am doing two things – I have donated to the cause and I have pledged to share the information as much and as widely as possible. So here for those who live in the UK, are British, aren’t British but care about the future of Europe, think money should be spent on social care and education instead of our Brexit divorce bill, and consider themselves to be open, tolerant and basically an all-round good Egg  – for you all here is the info:

And once more here is a link to donate to the march – money that will be spent on advertising and marketing, health and safety on the day, marshalls with megaphones, helping people who can’t afford it to get there and more. We really need to make the UK government sit up and take notice – they’ve been pretty well ignoring us up until now.

8 thoughts on “Politics from afar

  1. The politics at home look so different when you get the chance to live outside of your home country. I am not sure most politicians ever do that. I wish, it gives anyone a better perspective on what your country is really about.

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  2. I agree with the comments re living abroad, and I applaud you for raising awareness for these causes. My response has been to … knit! My grandmother would be proud. I’ve been knitting like a maniac – comes in handy while spending all these hours watching CNN now, which I didn’t use to do – and recently shipped 10 pussy hats to Spain for a women’s march there. In exchange for a donation to Planned Parenthood. Am also knitting for donations to NPR, our public radio. Wish I could post the picture here of all those women in Spain wearing my hats. Made me feel great solidarity with those women I don’t even know, mostly. It’s been great having something to do as well! (If anyone needs a pussy hat, let me know:-)

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    • This is brilliant! On the U.K. people have been knitting blue hats with yellow stars. What a great way to connect with women around the world though. My youngest daughter is the knitter in our house, maybe I need to find her the pattern and buy some pink wool…..


      • She totally should! So easy – You just knit a rectangle, first 8 or so rows 2 knit 2 purl, then the rest stockinette which is when you knit one row and purl the next, etc. Knit high enough so it covers your head, then cast off. I know that sounds like gibberish to a non-knitter but she’ll get it i’m sure. There are definitely patterns out there for her. Interesting to hear about blue hats with yellow stars, here they are all pink. Although mine have been many different shades of pink and reds and striped etc, because I found it too boring to make them all the same. Are the yellow stars to draw attention to anti-semitism?

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