Celebrating Women Explorers on International Women’s Day

I recently contributed to a series of posts celebrating women around the world. What better way to mark International Women’s Day than to share it with you today. The post, which is part of Silver Lining Mama’s She-ology series, highlights the achievements of three remarkable Victorian era women explorers: Mary Kingsley, Gertrude Bell and Nellie Bly. It seems incredible that these women aren’t household names like their male counterparts (David Livingstone, Lawrence of Arabia et al). Not only did they have to overcome all the same difficulties as the men, but they also faced the barriers of their sex in an era when most women of their class were expected to sit at home and look pretty rather than climb mountains, canoe rivers and ride across the Arabian desert.

So in celebration of the unsung Victorian female explorers, I give you MARY GERTRUDE NELLIE.

Happy International Women’s Day!