Photo101 – Water

Another picture for the Photo101 workshop. This time the theme is water. It’s a shame we don’t still live in St Lucia – I coined my twitter name @strandedatsea because every time I looked out of the window all I could see was the beautiful Caribbean sea. Water, water everywhere! But sadly I am still in blustery grey England where the rain hasn’t even obliged with my quest to get a photo of water today. Instead as I walked down the road on the way into town to buy cotton wool and pink leggings for World Book Day costumes (don’t ask!), I snapped this puddle scene.


I love the way the bare trees are reflected in the pool – the leafless branches, the mud and the cloudy sky all sum this country up nicely. I think I am starting to see a theme in my photo101 posts – things that represent what I will leave behind when we move to South Africa. Some I will miss, some less so. I wonder if I will be able to continue with this theme through the workshop?


The Photo101 assignment this morning was to portray a street. I had a look at some of the other entries and saw some great pictures of exotic roads in interesting places. Then I looked out of the window at my town and though blah! I live in a very typically surburban locality where the streets are your fairly typcial tree-and-car lined avenues. Nothing jumped out at me as interesting enough for a photograph. While out running I came across a nice little scenario – a grey squirrel, a post box and a traffic warden, all in one shot. Very British. But I didn’t have my camera with me so couldn’t take a snap. I thought of getting a picture of a pot-hole and doing a political posting about micro/macro politics and how they use things like pot-holes either to represent the bigger problem or distract us from it. But when I looked I realised they’d filled in all the pot-holes in our local streets!

In the end I headed out with my camera, snapping as I went. I started playing around with exposure and this is the photo that I eventually chose.. I like it because it looks like there’s been some sort of explosion in the background – almost apocalyptic. Juxtaposed with the serene street scene in front, it could be the start of a bad Z-list movie. What do you reckon?



So I have decided to join the photography 101 workshop for the month of March. Apologies in advance for some of the random pictures that may start appearing on my blog, but this is my attempt to try and improve the photos that I use here.

The first assignment was called ‘home’ which is fairly prosaic, knowing that I will soon be leaving my home and all the things I love about it. I have recently blogged about how I already know I will be homesick as soon as we leave – and some of the things I know I will miss. One of those things is the view from our kitchen window, my own window onto the world. But I’m not the only one watching out of this window, and my first photograph for the 101 workshop shows our own llittle version of someone who will forever represent this country watching and waving at the world outside.