Review Wednesday – Baby Globetrotters

Travelling with kids. Ugh. It’s one of those things that sometimes you have to just grit your teeth and get on with – especially if you’re an expat and you really don’t have much choice in the matter. After all, you’ve got to get to your destination somehow – and chances are you’re probably going to want to come home again. Although, having had some fairly horrendous experiences with my own children (including this memorable journey when we flew to Pakistan with an unscheduled stopover in Dubai), there were times when I thought it might be better just never to ever fly anywhere ever again.

But here comes Keri at Baby Globetrotters to make things easier! Seasoned traveller, as well as seasoned parent, Keri’s site is full of useful information, tips and advice to make taking your little ones around the world just that little bit easier.

Take long-haul flying, for example. For a start, I felt better just reading Keri’s description of their recent mega-flight from Abu Dhabi (where the family lives) to Florida for a much-deserved holiday. The family includes three children under five (the youngest is just a baby of a few months old) and the journey included 16 hours of uninterrupted flight time, as well as a 20-hour stop-over in Qatar:

T + 8 hours

This was about the point when all three of them are suddenly awake crying for mum, then trolley service starts – one stuck with a crap in his nappy, the baby desperately trying to sleep but having none of it, and you guessed it, headphones are lost.   Our rows not being directly next to each other means to placate the situation items are now being lobbed over the heads of the row in between us.  I’d say this was the point where our civility went out the window.

Yes, if you want to feel better about your measly eight-hour London-Miami flight with your two now-quite-grown-up pre-teens, this is the way to do it!

The site isn’t just Keri’s personal travel experiences, though: she also includes lots of general infomation and tips about flying with children and is currently working her way through reviewing thirty of the world’s top airlines for family-friendliness (or not). There are also interviews and articles from and about parents living in various parts of the world, developed “to provide you with an insight into different parenting styles, cultures and traditions across the globe”.

A recent edition to Baby Globetrotters is My Expat Family, a joint link-up venture with Seychelles Mama blogger Chantelle. As well as featuring posts from expat bloggers, the #MyExpatFamily link-up now includes weekly twitter chats – the first of which will be on June 1st and will be about “The Move”.

So if you’re looking for more information about travelling with children, in particular about long-haul travel with children, or if you want to chat with other expats about their experiences, then have a look at Baby Globetrotters.

Recommended for: parents who travel; parents who would like to travel but have been putting it off due to the idea of having to take children on a long-haul flight. Expat parents.