Wanted – guest bloggers

So summer is round the corner. Or rather wintersummer as I now call it – living in the Southern hemisphere as I do, we are currently very much in the throes of Autumn. But in just a few weeks time I will emerge from an overnight flight into the warmth of a British summer’s morning.

Which will probably be a lot more miserable than a South African winter’s day.

But I digress. Even though we are heading into winter here, our children go to an American International school so their long holiday will be during June, July and August. So I will be on full-time parenting duties from mid June. Which means a few things will have to take a bit of a back seat. Including blogging.


However I really don’t want the cobwebs to collect on this site so am looking for a few volunteers to help keep it looking lively. So if you are an expat blogger of any capacity please let me know. In particular I am looking for blogs about the following:

  • A Day in My Expat Life (see my first post in this series here)
  • Expat parenting – any stories about taking children to live overseas, in particular with a focus on schooling
  • Male trailing spouses (see other posts in this series)
  • Same-sex trailing spouses
  • Repatriation: what it’s REALLY like
  • Your first three months: tell me what it felt like to be new (and if possible reassure us it gets better!)
  • Travel in South Africa or the region

I am open to other suggestions but I would like to keep the posts as close to the theme of this blog as possible – eg real life as an expat, expat partners, and local Southern Africa travel.

If you think you can help please get in touch – either leave a message below or contact me clara@expatpartnersurvival.com. I do not pay bloggers nor am I looking for blogvatorials (a made up word meaning I get paid to put your post advertising something or another on the blog).