The Photo101 assignment this morning was to portray a street. I had a look at some of the other entries and saw some great pictures of exotic roads in interesting places. Then I looked out of the window at my town and though blah! I live in a very typically surburban locality where the streets are your fairly typcial tree-and-car lined avenues. Nothing jumped out at me as interesting enough for a photograph. While out running I came across a nice little scenario – a grey squirrel, a post box and a traffic warden, all in one shot. Very British. But I didn’t have my camera with me so couldn’t take a snap. I thought of getting a picture of a pot-hole and doing a political posting about micro/macro politics and how they use things like pot-holes either to represent the bigger problem or distract us from it. But when I looked I realised they’d filled in all the pot-holes in our local streets!

In the end I headed out with my camera, snapping as I went. I started playing around with exposure and this is the photo that I eventually chose.. I like it because it looks like there’s been some sort of explosion in the background – almost apocalyptic. Juxtaposed with the serene street scene in front, it could be the start of a bad Z-list movie. What do you reckon?