Help me help people find my book

So the Expat Partner’s Survival Guide has been out for a few weeks now. So far so good, but chatting to fellow authors one of the things that’s blind-sided me slightly is how to get people to know that it’s there. According to most people, it should start promoting itself on Amazon once enough people know about it, but this means they have to find it first.

One of the things that other writers have explained to me is the importance of search terms on the Amazon website. I have tried playing around with this a bit but I thought it might be helpful to ask the experts (eg you lovely people). So here is the question:

When you were moving abroad or, if you are not an expat (and even if you are never to be an expat, I’d still value your views) what search terms do you think you would use to find a book to help you with the move? Please take my poll to help me out – it’s very quick and easy 🙂

Thank you!


9 thoughts on “Help me help people find my book

  1. It was the 6th book that came up under the search term “expat” for me, so that’s not bad. As someone who is moving abroad soon, I can tell you I’ve never searched that term in Amazon before though. I think trying to get it to come up in blog posts, Google search, or on Pinterest might help as well.

    Not sure what other search terms you’ve included at this point, but “how-to…” Would be a good one. Good luck!


  2. Just my few cents worth… if the person has moved abroad before, they may know to use the term expat and possibly trailing spouse. However, if not, expat and definitely trailing spouse may be terms that are lesser known for first timers.

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  3. Yes, I was thinking similar. I don’t think I ever thought of myself as an expat until I was an expat. Moving abroad, moving overseas, those are the kinds of terms I might have used had I not moved abroad in the time of the dinosaurs 😉 Also, are you limited to one or two terms?

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