A Survival Guide for Expat Partner’s

Months and months ago I was interviewed by Robert from My International Adventure, an “Adventurers Guide to Moving, Living and Working Abroad”. I had almost forgotten about the interview until last week when suddenly I was told I would be their lead item on the website the following week! And there I am! Apparently I told him a bit about why I wrote the book:

While living in Saint Lucia, Wiggins came up with the idea to write a book about her experiences as an expat partner and mother of two girls. The book – “Expat Partner’s Survival Guide” – was written to help prepare expat partners for their life abroad.

“I didn’t want to write it just from my own point of view, so I made sure I interviewed as many people as possible, which ended up being over 70 expat partners,”

You can read the full story here and also don’t forget if you still haven’t purchased your copy of the survival guide it’s on sale on Amazon and Smashwords – links are on my Buy the Book page.

Finally a small, regular plea – if you HAVE read the book and enjoyed it please consider leaving a review on Amazon. Only when I have enough reviews will it start becoming more visible for people seeking a book just like this. Thank you 🙂


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