Every morning….

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Two Right Feet.”

Today the question was asked what do you do every morning to get yourself off to a good start. I’m British. The answer’s easy. It’s a cup of tea, of course.


I’m usually the first up in our house. At the moment, the days are still moody at 6.36am when the boiler kicks in and the chugging of the central heating wakes me. I creep downstairs and before I do anything else, the kettle switch is on. It takes just a few minutes, but that first hot, builder-strong, milky brew of the day is all I need to shake my head into action. I only have a few minutes, because I know that before long I’ll hear the sounds of the shower, the drawer-slamming of my eldest daughter getting dressed, the moans of my youngest being forced out of her duvet cocoon. By the time they arrive downstairs, I’ll be ready to face them all – putting on my best mother act and starting the morning round of toast, smoothies, cereal, juice….

Looking forward to the moment they all leave and I can put the kettle on again.